Welcome at TA P EIO , Artisanal Jams


   TAP​EIO is a small and young company that stands for the preparation of artisanal jams.
   Our jams are prepared whit the utmost care in open copper kettles according to the rules of art, and this in small batches so  
   that the quality is garanteed at all times.
​   The entire production process is done by us, from the sourching of the ingredients, making of the jams and filling the jars to 
   the labelling, packing and sending of them. 
​   Because our jams are made entirely by traditional methods, the same jam may differ slightly in taste,thickness or color, 
   depending on the production.   
   In our jams we do not use dyes or preservatives.
   Our range is currently limited to two jam flavors, but many ideas are still on the table to be worked out.
​   Our very first jam which we commercialized is also a completely new flavor that is still little known, namely spicy green pepper 
   jam.  Those who have already tasted it, are generally very enthusiastic.
   We are truly the only ones who make this jam,with pride we can speak of a scoop in the world of jams.
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